Trollstigvegen  - The trolls ladder road (often called Trollstigen or just Stigen) is a spiralling pass on highway 63 associated in Rauma municipality, Romsdal in Møre og Romsdal county. Trollstigveien associate Valldal in Sunnmøre with Åndalsnes in Romsdal. The road was built with tunnels between Linge and Overå on highway 650 (opened in 1975). Before 1975 the choices were either take the Trollstigvegen or a local ferry. In high season the road is very popular and attracts up to three thousand vehicles every day. In June, July and August 2012 a total of 130,000 vehicles passed over Trollstigen.


The road was opened by King Haakon VII on 31 July 1936, after a construction period of eight years. Now the road winds its way from the head of Isterdalen up to Stigrøra. The new road was built for roughly the same route as an older trail called Cleavage trail. The trail is now restored and has marked footpaths from the guesthouse and to the top. There are eleven hairpin bends of the Trollstigen road, each with a radius of about 10 meters. Halfway up the mountain road there is a newly restored bridge, just below the 180-meter high Stigfossen. Water spills over the Trollstigen to create beautiful natural waterfall, a truly memorable sight amongst many.
Because of frequent landslides and the subsequent destruction of the roadway section the lower Trollstigen was revised in 2005. This included the third and fourth turn nednefra. At the same time two new bridges were built. The road's highest point is Alnesreset (850 m) here stood an old inn between the Trollstigveien mountains. This was destroyed by a massive avalanche in 1963. In 1979 a new resturant was established in Stigrøra. This resturant was pulled down during the sites renovation and was re-opened in in June 2012.
The Troll road is closed in winter and usually opens when the ice melts from mid-May until the snow falls in autumn.
Surrounded by mountain peaks
The road is surrounded by several mountains whichtower up to 1000 meters. Most famous of these mountains are the Stigbotnhornet and Biskopen peaks. A little further west Dronningen (the Queen) and Kongen (the King) himself. To the north east is the famous Trolltindene with Trollklørne (Troll claws) and the back of the Troll Wall.
National Touristroad
The road is one of the most visited tourist attractions. With more than 750.000 visitors in 2012. The troll road is Norway's second most visited natural tourist attraction and the third most visited in total.
The road spanning from Geiranger to Trollstigen was upgraded between 2005-2008 so it could accommodate a large number of tourists. The road is one of 18 selected roads which go through the most beautiful scenery and is also part of the National Tourist Routes. (Statens Vegevesens). The motto of the project is "Safe and beautiful", and all the stops and rest areas should harmonize with nature and the landscape. Transport Minister Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa formally opened the tourist road on 16th June 2012. "This is a monument that is inherently historical in the future" said Kleppa about the new visitor center at Stigrøra. The same year the facility on Stigrøra won a prize from the Norwegian Concrete Association and the National Association of Norwegian Architects for "concrete used for an excellencent view environmentally, aesthetically and technically."
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